Miree Game Aesthetic

Today the thought of having a game that looks and feels like those old stop-motion christmas specials might be kind of interesting. I think I'm going to try and come up with some maya renders of what the shaders / world might look like. This is what I've got today. It's mostly randomly scattered triangles in an otherwise plain-old low…


8 Great Open Source Projects to use in your next iPhone App

I've scoured the internet looking for great open source iOS apps, and what I determined is that what is really more interesting is the open source iOS components and frameworks. So here's my list of the most useful open source iOS components. 8. PSCollectionView PSCollectionView is a custom collection view that allows for the easy creation of Pinterest-style image collections in your iOS…


Augmented Reality using the Qualcomm SDK in Unity 3D

So I decided to take some time today to experiment with the augmented reality solutions out there and I came across the Qualcomm Developer SDK. It's pretty simple to use in Unity 3D, they even provide a convenient little .unitypackage file you can just import to get everything set up correctly. I took this video after messing with it for a few…


Evacuate! Dealing with natural disasters.

Ah, the joys of working in New Orleans during hurricane season. Today I spent most of my day executing our poorly planned strategy to deal with natural disasters. Beginning with finding out what everyone's plans were. Are you evacuating? Y/N Are you planning to work? Y/N Do you have what you need to work remotely? Y/N These are questions I…


What employers want to know when hiring developers.

I was thinking the other day about how I try to quickly evaluate someone's developer chops during a phone interview. One of the things I try to do is ask something baked in to the theory of what people learn from school. This is less about trying to see if someone has a formal education on the topic, but more…


iPhone review process

The primary reason people read a consumer review is to form the right purchasing decision. Considering that there's a time and monetary commitment required for creating the acquisition of the iPhone, the necessity to be forewarned and forearmed is significant to several people who are of limited time and resources. In short, they peruse the iPhone reviews so on confirm they're not making an inaccurate purchasing decision. If the credibility of the review is in question, this may undermine the…


How I Defeated The Cybersquatters

So here is my valiant story of how I crushed cyber squatters and their 'acquisition fees.' Let's start at the beginning. ACT I: In December of 2008 I attempted to register a domain for my company, which I had created a website for locally. The name of the company was JQ Software, and it was about time I made my…


Microsoft Office Outlook XP Pro Vista Premium Enterprise Edition Plus

So I moved out of the spreadsheet world in to some real business software, but now I'm feeling like my computer has way too much running all the time. Is the Outlook+Quickbooks combo the only viable option for managing a business? I've looked in to some open source options, and for the most part it all seems underdeveloped. It seems…


iPhone SDK 2.2.1 released

So the SDK update is finally here! So what's changed? According to diff, NOTHING! Perhaps they accidentally released 2.2 with the 2.2.1 label? Rumor has it, the update is a bug release, but diff shows no changes whatsoever between the two releases in the documentation. Whatever they fixed, they aren't talking about it.

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