Microsoft Office Outlook XP Pro Vista Premium Enterprise Edition Plus

So I moved out of the spreadsheet world in to some real business software, but now I’m feeling like my computer has way too much running all the time. Is the Outlook+Quickbooks combo the only viable option for managing a business? I’ve looked in to some open source options, and for the most part it all seems underdeveloped. It seems a little ridiculous that if I want to sync contacts across my gmail, iphone, and quickbooks, outlook has to be involved for some reason. And to send out e-mail invoices, quickbooks uses a client-side e-mail client, which again points to Outlook or something similar. Why can’t Intuit include a little e-mail relaying part of their software? It all seems kind of ridiculously convoluted to make all these things work together. In the meantime my computer is getting slower and slower dealing with this business software while I’m trying to work. Perhaps manually doing everything in google spreadsheets wasn’t so bad after all?

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