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  1. Hi, love your post. I don’t use FB or Twitter (I abstain 🙂 ) so how can I subscribe so that I’m notified when you post new info on Swift?

  2. I am a medical oncologist and would like to transfer development of a survival graphing program from Xcode to Swift. Will Swift be able to handle the job in a more sophisticated way. Graphs were not that elegant looking in Xcode.



    1. Swift and Objective-C should be able to handle most of the same things. If you want nicer looking graphs, look in to the open source libraries available as Cocoa Pods.

  3. Hi I am (almost) completely new to programming and am completely new to developing apps. Will your swift book be suitable for me or will it require that I already have knowledge of programming and app development?

    1. It would help if you had some fundamental knowledge of programming, but it is not required.

  4. Can you tell me why you are using MediaPlayer for your Swift tutorials since MediaPlayer has been Deprecated.

    Everyone says that the greatest enhancements to iOS 8 is the new AV Kit that has been made available to iOS 8. I have yet to see anyone who has covered this yet. ?? Strange that everyone is avoiding it.

    1. MediaPlayer is not deprecated. Your link is pointing to some UI methods that are deprecated, not MediaPlayer itself.

      1. thank you for making that clear

  5. Hi Jameson,

    Just stumbled across your website by chance today. Completely new to programming and did an iOS bootcamp in Chicago (I’m from NZ) last year but still feel completely overwhelmed.
    I’m going to go through your tutorial on Swift and see if they make any more sense to me than Obj-C did.
    Any help or advice you could offer would be much appreciated. I feel like I’m speaking an Alien language. Do you think some people just don’t have the ‘knack’ for learning programming?


    1. I think anyone can learn to write code, but it takes an adjustment to your mindset. It’s not unlike learning to do math, or how to cook, or ride a bike. It can be really strange and awkward, even difficult, at first. Over time though, with practice, I think anyone can pick it up.

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