Augmented Reality using the Qualcomm SDK in Unity 3D

So I decided to take some time today to experiment with the augmented reality solutions out there and I came across the Qualcomm Developer SDK. It’s pretty simple to use in Unity 3D, they even provide a convenient little .unitypackage file you can just import to get everything set up correctly. I took this video after messing with it for a few hours.

So, pretty cool library. I’m not sure how you could create games using trackers, but the fact that you can use pretty much any picture means we have the opportunity to make interesting games that exists on college campuses, or small communities with shared pinboard space, etc. Or even just releasing an iPhone app that is purchased with a board-game companion could be interesting here.

I know augmented reality is not entirely new any more, but I haven’t seen much done with the concept so far. I think there is a case for brainstorming potential uses with this technology, because no one has quite made the de-facto AR-defining experience for mobile devices yet.


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