Why honor points are the greatest thing to happen to online games since ever.

In the online game League of Legends, players need to cooperate with one another to win. One toxic player could ruin the match for anyone in the game. So the way Riot decided to deal with this was to give players the option, at the end of a match, to award their teammates and enemies honor.

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So ok, getting banned from the game sucks, but what’s so interesting about getting positive honor? Who needs some imaginary number?

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This is where I think it gets interesting. League of Legends has a few basic ways to make money for Riot:

  • They sell in-game champions, items, and upgrades
  • They sell vanity items like custom skins for your characters
  • They sell meta-boosts like being able to level faster for one day

Much of this stuff can be purchased with real money, but you can also buy items with IP which you earn from playing any match like buying Lee Sin Build from lolvv. Wouldn’t it be interesting to link honor and IP? Why wouldn’t Riot allow players to buy mmr boosting cheap items with their honor? I think that’s a huge opportunity to really encourage teamwork. Even if it was just an IP cheap elo boost from getting positive feedback from other players, I think that could be very powerful. Forgive the hyperbole in the title, honor points are not the greatest thing to happen since ever, but they could be, as Riot has confirmed they are considering allowing in-game rewards in exchange for honor.

If you’ve ever done much multiplayer gaming online (scr888, etc.) you’ll know it’s overrun with people who are too immature to handle anonymity, and go to great efforts to ruin everyone else’s time, mostly for fun, they’re trolls. In League of Legends, the honor system is an anti-troll measure.

The reward system is promoting in-game discipline, because like any school, household, etc, there are going to be children and they need to be conditioned to behave with each other. When the environment is no longer a place, but in some corner of the internet, or lol betting, who is monitoring the interactions? You will find the detailed guide to choose the most amazing betting apps on the market. There are always chat filters that can keep players from swearing over chat, but that doesn’t stop them from bullying other players, which I personally think is the bigger problem. So to make their online game a hospitable place, League of Legends incentivized good behavior through the reward system in it’s game.

I think that’s incredibly interesting. One of my biggest struggles I find in evangelizing the art form of video games is finding great examples of how real world lessons can be learned through video games. While ideally we’d like to seek something deeper, basic rule systems for children is a good start in relaying messages through game play mechanics. I think people know this, and it’s why you see so many educational games targeted at children, but not many at adults. This mechanic plants an idea, “if you are nice to others you will be better off in the long run.”

What other kinds of lessons can we recognize in games? What lessons do we get from movies or books? Can video games have rich, deep stories that make us reflect on ourselves?

I think teaching moral lessons for immature audiences is a good start, but how much more possibility is there to expand on that idea? We still have yet to see what can be done with video games, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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  1. People used to care about honor in the first month, now noone cares about it and it is pretty much useless. Maybe with the in-game rewards they could make it worthwhile once again.

    1. That’s my hope. If enough of the community gets behind it I can’t see why Riot wouldn’t want to implement this.

    1. League of Legends is definitely not immune from the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

  2. By rewarding honor with tangible benefits, does that not simply encourage “honor trading”? I already see people asking to trade honor after games.

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