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My portfolio

PhotoGoo – iPhone/iPad

PhotoGoo iPhone AppPhotoGoo is an iPhone and iPad app I created in 2010 in an effort to create something really fun for the iPad, back when it was a new product. I built and launched PhotoGoo for iPad only using the simulator provided by Apple. When the iPad was finally released the app was on the App Store on the same day as a featured Photography app. A few years and over 5 million sessions later, the app is still bringing enjoyment to users around the world.





Dream Flight

Dream FlightAndroid

Dream Flight is available for Android today, and will be available on iOS soon. There is also a free web demo you can play now at

In our favorite dreams we learn to fly. Explore the world from high above as you take to dream flight. Be careful of the obstacles, hitting one will wake you up. As you fly deeper in to your dreams discover more and more fantastical dream scapes. Soar deeper and deeper, until you uncover the secrets of the dream world. Tap and hold to fly, or let go to gently drift down.


Finch Mac OS X App

Finch – Mac OS X

Finch is a Mac OS X application born out of the need to keep track of my time. The experience was always frustrating for me because I billed by the hour at the time, and I could never quite keep track of how long those “5 minute Facebook breaks” where actually lasting. So what Finch does, is it monitors the active window on your Mac, and simply records it. This allows the user to revisit their time over the course of a day/week/etc and see how long things really took. The user can tag windows and entire applications, and review a report of their usage using an automated tagging intelligence algorithm. As of December 2, 2012, Finch has about 15,000 active users and is priced at $2.99 on the Mac App Store.


Reactor HD – iPad

Reactor HD iOS Puzzle GameReactor HD is an iPad game me and my partner Josh Hano came up with in 2010. The game was released to extremely positive critical review. The app had a 5-start average rating when it was still available in the App Store, but never saw much financial success. The app is currently being re-released by a new publisher with a new name, and as such isn’t currently available for download. However, there still exists videos of gameplay here.



LoLSpec – Android

League of Legends LoLSpecLeague of Legends LoLSpec is an Android only application I released a few weeks ago that allows for viewing live stats on your opponents and teammates during multi-player matches of League of Legends. League of Legends is a game created by the company Riot Games and as of this writing, it is the single most popular video game in the world. I’ve only just gotten started with this application, but have high hopes for it and have been getting very positive feedback so far.




Miree – TBD

Miree Indie Game Jameson QuaveMiree is an in-development game. It is an experimental game that involves a time traveling protagonist who explores a strange world in the past, present, and future.
Click here for more info on Miree.

6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi Jameson, I am new to this and found SWIFT to be really interesting.

    My question to you is if I am building an app through SWIFT how would I do the following.

    I have a screen which allows users to REGISTER. How would the data be stored?

    I need to build another screen which would validate the user against the REGISTER information he/she created. How is this done?


    • This is almost always done with an API hitting a backend.
      You would need some type of backend web service that has a ‘register’ API endpoint that returns a session token.
      However, (and now CloudKit) enable this type of process without a backend, so maybe look in to CloudKit. The WWDC videos are very good, and I’ll be doing my own CloudKit tutorials in the near future.

  2. Are you located in Austin or New Orleans? Do you have any Bluetooth LE experience? I have a simple medical device that needs to communicate using BLE via iOS.

    Please respond if you have an interest.


    Craig H.
    Austin, TX