Miree is an experimental game that involves a time traveling protagonist who explores a strange world in the past, present, and future.

The basic idea is that the player can travel backward and forward in time to affect events thousands of years later. The object of the game is to solve the most universal question in the universe, why are we here? You do this through manipulation of the world, time travel, and exploration of this strange world.

The world’s woes have become so clear now, if only you could share the knowledge of your experience. Go, back. Bring back evidence of the nature of human kind. If you need help, leave a sign for us to find in the present.

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Note: This game is in early development and many things may change as the development progresses. What you see here is speculative and may not end up reflecting the final game.


Miree game design Image 1Miree game design Image 2


Want to recieve e-mail updates about Miree? Beta opportunities and development progress? Sign up for my newsletter.

3 thoughts on “Miree

  1. Well I think this is a rad concept. Submitted you to StumbleUpon. You’d be surprised how many of us there still are ;) Good luck with this project. I’m eager to hear more. Let me know if you need a tester. Time on my hands and a head on my shoulders!

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