WWDC 2015 Developer Highlights

Today Apple announced watchOS, delivering a new native SDK for developers at WWDC 2015, a new version of Mac OS X known as OS X El Capitan.

Mac OS X El Capitan

Shaking the mouse makes the cursor appear larger to make it easier to find.

Safari now includes “pinning” of tabs, which leaves permanent icons on the top of the tab view in the browser, and it also seems to precut so it loads instantly.

Spotlight is using natural language processing to greatly improve search functionality. For example, “mail i ignored from phil” to see emails not replied to.

Mail now supports multiple tabs for composing emails, and allows drag and drop between emails.

Mission control is now much simpler, supports left/right docking of windows similar to Windows 7.

Generally seems to have improved drag and drop support across the board.

Metal has now been ported to Mac OS, and has been implemented in the Unreal Engine.

iOS 9

Siri has greatly improved NLP.

Siri is now also proactive, for example if you listen to music while running, the lock screen can offer up your music. Then when you hop in to your car (which it can detect), it will switch to that audiobook you’ve been listening to.

Siri Suggestions can recommend news, nearby places, and people. iOS 9 also remembers when you use certain apps, and will recommend then on the lock screen in the same way Handoff does.

Siri is now context sensitive, “remind me about *this* later today” will create a reminder based on what is currently on-screen.

Search is greatly improved, integrating with YouTube, iTunes, and it provides an API for developers.

These features are collectively referred to by Apple as “intelligence”. It does not undermine your privacy. Everything is done on-device.

Notes is greatly improved, and added support for all types of interactive content.

Maps also greatly improved, transit and navigation integrate with Siri.

A new app called “News” has been added to iOS 9, a Flipboard-Like app directly from Apple. News supports recommendations based on your tastes, and provides multimedia support including video.


iPad now support a PIP-style multi-tasking, slipovers bringing in apps from the side and enter split view for true multi-taksing.

The Search API

iOS 9 SDK will provide an API for search, with support for deep links within apps.

iOS 9 SDK provides split view APIs, using just auto layout. Twitter was able to implement within a few minutes.

Swift 2

Swift will now be OPEN SOURCE later in 2015. With standard library support for Linux, Mac OS, and iOS.

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