A collection of links from around the web to help you learn swift.

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About this page

This list is for external resources to this site. If you’re looking for my tutorials and essays on Swift. Please check here.

This page a work in progress. If you found a resource that was highly valuable, make sure to tell me about it on Twitter or via E-Mail. I also send out an e-mail blast when I post tutorials, or find something really cool to share. So make sure to sign up for my newsletter.



  • Russ Bishop – Russ discusses some of the lower level components of Swift. Very interesting to read, and very informative.
  • NSHipster – This list would be incomplete without mentioning NSHipster. Matt Thompson is the author of AFNetworking, a hugely popular networking library for iOS. It’s all Objective-C, but Matt’s blog has always been very enlightening and he has continued writing about “obscure topics in objective-c”, even after the objective-c part became Swift.


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Why I made this page

Ever since the release of Swift I’ve been working hard to produce great content to help the rest of the community get acclimated to the new language. I’ve shared my very first experiences with the language in the form of a comprehensive tutorial, discussed how to write Swift from the command line, talked about making network requests, and provided updates on topics that changed since the initial release. This page is the opposite of that, I want to exclusively share only the work of others. If you do want to read more about my work, feel free to navigate around the site, or check out my upcoming book. This page is about giving back to the people who have been sharing content for free to help us all learn. Thank you to these authors.

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  1. Really appreciate you curating this list. Been following you and your Swift tutorials since they came out. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the tutorials and diving head first into swift, it’s made my experience a whole lot better.

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