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Microsoft wants to own the living room with the Xbox One

Today Microsoft announced their new console, the Xbox One. The demo relied on heavy integration with cable television, multi-tasking, mobile phones, kinect, and voice commands. A demo of the product introduced "Snap mode", a side-by-side multi-tasking type interface that allows the user to simultaneously watch television, play games, have a Skype call, use Internet Explorer, or even look at your…


The console question noone is asking

Most of the people I encounter these days with a tech startup are focusing on the web or mobile. They either have an idea that they want to push out to the app store, or a web service which may or may not have a mobile companion. The tech world as the startup scene sees it is made up of…


Open sourced startups

When a software startup fails to turn a profit they're usually left with some newfound knowledge, maybe some debt, and a big chunk of unused code. Why should all that engineering work go to waste just because that particular business failed? Many startups recognize this and have made their software free and open source. I did some searching and came…


Designing mobile apps for children

Mobile apps designed for children are becoming very popular as a result of the intuitive design of the iOS and Android touch screen operating systems. Never before has software been so accessible for pre schoolers, and elementary school students. However, there are some things that you should take careful consideration of when designing apps for this audience. I want to…


Augmented Reality using the Qualcomm SDK in Unity 3D

So I decided to take some time today to experiment with the augmented reality solutions out there and I came across the Qualcomm Developer SDK. It's pretty simple to use in Unity 3D, they even provide a convenient little .unitypackage file you can just import to get everything set up correctly. I took this video after messing with it for a few…

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