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iPhone review process


I think twitter has spoiled me in to thinking I can write a one-sentence statement and actually be contributing something to the internet. Maybe it’s time to start writing in my blog more, it’s been 4 months. All I have to say right now though is that I have been incredibly busy for the past 4 months with my clients, and on the side I wrote an iPhone game. The game is sort of a joint project with a friend of mine, and we really probably only spent 3 or 4 working days time to build it. I submitted it to the app store about a week ago, but we are still in the App Review queue. I will report back here any further details on how it goes… It seems like I should be more excited about my first actual product, but somehow I guess I’m not feeling it. Probably because we made it so quickly I don’t even have any attachment to the project. I guess this is more of an experiment with the App Store, and a test of my 2D engine. Well, wish me luck!

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