Swift 3 Tutorial – Fundamentals

Swift 3 Tutorial In this Swift 3 tutorial, we'll focus on how beginners may approach going from complete beginner to having a basic grasp on Swift, and we'll be working with Swift 3. We chose to write this tutorial because newcomers will find many tutorials out there that are out of date, so it's not appropriate to simply write a…


Adding IBInspectable to a superclass in Swift

Adding IBInspectable to a UICollectionViewCell subclass One very useful feature I find is to add a IBInspectable background image to my views. In an entertainment app I'm currently building there is a designable cell that looks like this: @IBDesignableclass TrailerCollectionViewCell: MediaCollectionViewCell {    @IBOutlet weak var lengthLabel: UILabel!    @IBInspectable weak var bgImage: UIImage! {        didSet {            imgView.frame = self.bounds            self.addSubview(imgView)            imgView.image = bgImage            imgView.contentMode  = UIViewContentMode.Center            self.sendSubviewToBack(imgView)        }    }}what's great about…


Developing tvOS Apps for Apple TV [Part 2]

Looking for some help building your Apple TV tvOS App? I'm available for consulting and development, contact me. This is part 2 of the tvOS tutorial. If you haven't gone through part 1 yet, I suggest you run through that first. Adding Interactivity In the first section we created a simple TVML document with a few buttons. It looked something…


Swift 2 – What’s new

Monday Apple announced Swift 2, and just about everything announced is an extremely welcome change. This post is a summary of Chris Lattner's discussion in the WWDC video "What's new in Swift". Now, let's run through them... Fundamentals enums can now be printed to the console and show the actually value instead of just (enum value). Additionally, println is now…

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Open Source Swift – A Look At The Top Swift Repositories

Github, the most popular open source repository for open source software, offers a feature that let's us view repositories by language. In this post, I want to dissect some of the most popular Swift repositories as of June 5th, 2015. So, let's kick it off with the most starred Swift repository, Alamofire. Alamofire Alamofire is an "Elegant HTTP Networking in…


Functional Programming in Swift

Thoughts on Functional Programming in Swift Like most of you, I have to use Objective-C at my day job. I could only craft my Swift skills at night. Swift is not a purely functional language. It can be use imperatively because all frameworks from Apple are written in Objective-C at the time of writing. However, it is also functional, learning…

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