I’m Back!

The date of my last post was June 30, 2017. It’s been longer than I thought…

I haven’t been writing anything here simply because I haven’t been making iOS apps lately, and instead have been involved in entrepreneurial ventures where writing code isn’t usually the top priority for me. It’s been quite a dramatic shift in the type of work I do, and I would say it’s for the better.

Since my last post, which is apparently a tutorial about ARKit, a lot more has changed as well. For one, I now have a son, Jackson Quave. He’s about 18 months old as of this writing, and the change to becoming a Dad has been difficult, but satisfying, and an incredible experience.

When I do write code these days, it’s not specifically iOS. On any given day I may write React frontend code for a web application, Go for backend or blockchain development, occasionally C++ for tools, and Python for machine learning stuff. As a side-note, my general take away from blockchain development is that blockchains apply to very specific use cases. Well… really it applies to one use-case which is Bitcoin.

Anyway, I wanted to write an update post just to let you all know where I’ve been. Going forward I’ll be treating this blog a little more personally than I have in the past. I’ll still be exploring things in the Apple development ecosystem, but I’ll also be sharing other things about my businesses, musings, and some occasional personal life stuff.

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